Jolene's Jokes


A man wearing a balaclava burst into a bank with a gun. He yells 'No body moves' and goes straight to the girl behind the counter and tells her to open the safe. The woman is amazed so they guy points the gun to her face and tells her 'Open the fucking safe'. Then, the girl tells him that this is a sperm bank and that there are no money in the safe. 'Just do it!' says the guy. She opens the safe and the armed man tells her to grab a bottle of sperm and to drink it. The girl hesitates, but having a gun pointed to her head, she drinks the whole bottle. 'Do another one!' says the man threatening her, so she gulps another one down. Then, the man pulls off the balaclava and to the girl sees that it's her husband.

'Now that wasn't so fucking difficult, was it?'


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