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Jolene's Jokes

Well people I know I'm a horny lady who thinks about sex 99.9% of the time! lol Yet I do like a good laugh too, you know? ;-) So here's a few of my personal favorite dirty jokes at the moment. All these jokes open up in a new browser window. If any of you guys out there wanna make me smile why not post the odd joke to me via my blog. The good ones will get posted.

Image of Jolene sexy butt in fishnets Wanna talk to me?
On My Forehead

For Kicks

Rich Widow

Desert Ride

Retiring Postman

Face Lift

The Pianist


Two Young Lovers

Stoned Little Lizard

Confused Blond

First Class Blond

Laundry Mat Blond

Nude Beach

Drunk Confession


Old Fuckers

Oriental VD


The Sperm Bank

Wrong Number

Bed Bath

Phone Sex

Robot Bar Man

Quiet Hunt

Blind Man

New gif Dr Kiss Kiss

New gif Confession

New gif Caught Cheating

New gif Bad News

New gif Talented

New gif Confidence

New gif Cure For Headaches

New gif Penis Name

New gif Three Hillbillies

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