by Jolene Jessie James

My apartment complex has its own maintenance crew, and of course, seeing as how the place is pretty dilapidated, I call every once in a while. When my toilet got clogged up, and I called over to the maintenance office, and they sent a guy over. I was pretty upset about the toilet, but when I answered the door, the guy made me feel all better. He was the hottest black guy I'd ever seen. He had dreads and blue eyes (A definite turn on).

He came in and snaked the toilet. I offered him some water, which he accepted and we stood in my kitchen for a while and talked. After a while, he put the glass in the sink and said he thought he should get going. But, I stopped him. I don't know, I'm usually really quiet and all, but I couldn't help myself, he was so hot! I said: "I just wanted to tell you I think you're really good looking." He said: "I think you are, too." So, from this, I walked a little closer to him, because I thought we were thinking the same thing. When I got right up to him, he put his hand around my waist and pulled me to him. I was wearing a button down shirt, and he put his hand up the back and undid my bra. I was getting really wet, when he took off my shirt and then started to suck my nipples. I couldn't believe it was happening!

So, after a bit, I undid his pants and started to give him a hand job. I'd never fucked a black guy before, but always wanted to. I told him so, and that really turned him on, and he picked me up, put me on the counter top, and lifted up my skirt. He pulled my panties down, and started to eat me out. It was incredible. He had a little stubble, and it was awesome. I started to feel like I was gonna cum, when he pulled my lower body towards the end of the counter, and braced himself against the wall. He started to fuck me, slow at first, then really hard, which is just the way I like it. He was bareback, and that felt incredible, too. His cock was enormous, and it hurt a little, but I was really into it. So, we fucked there, me with my legs around his waist, and him still in his uniform. He pulled out and shot his wad on my tits, which he seemed to get off on. After a while, he got a beep for another apartment and had to go. I can't wait for something else to break here.

So hey.. you wanna cum play with a hot blooded Nympho-Morph? ;-)

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