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Jolene's Hot Wet Erotic Stories

Hey There! I hope you have enjoyed my little spot on the web so far. On this page I will share with you some of my personally written hot and horny, erotic stories that have cum from my very sexually, erotic mind. They hopefully, will stimulate the biggest sexual organ in the human body, ie.. the brain! lol ;-) and of course other more meaty treats. Where the brain leads, the body will surely follow. For phone sex without a hard, throbbing cock and a moist, hot pussy, is like a dirty joke without a crude, funny punchline. A bit of a waste of time. (And personally my pussy gets moist whenever the phone rings!) So, please feel free to read and enjoy! And then call me! I'll be waiting!


Tied to a Bed

Love my Husband's Cock

From His Point Of View

The Woman Next Door

Orgasm's 101


A Pleasurable Walk

Stranger Desire

The Librarian

The Full Treatment

Blind Date

Not So Dull After All

Speed Trap

New gif A Surprise Gang Bang


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