Blind Date

by Jolene Jessie James

I had a friend of mine tell me all about a friend of hers that really wanted to meet me and go out on a date with me. I kept telling her that I don’t like blind dates. They are always so awkward and usually they end up being a train wreck.

She kept going on and on about her friend who I would just love… because he likes the kind of music I like and he watches the same shows and movies I enjoy… And he has the same political views as me and he has a great sense of humor and he really wanted to meet me… I had asked her if she enjoyed hanging me out there on exhibition for all of her male friends and co-workers to gawk at and drool over. That’s when she had laughed in her little evil way… the way she did when she was about to tell me the “whole” story that she had partially withheld from me.

I raised my eyebrow at her and asked her to fess up… She finally came clean about this “friend” of hers… He was actually not so much a friend as an ex-boyfriend’s brother who has never BEEN with a woman… I had just stared at her expressionless… because I had no response to that… After a few moments I did have a reply… I asked her why me and not one of her other friends?

Her answer was so matter of fact that I couldn’t say no to her challenge… She told me that it was because he really did like a lot of the things I did and as for the fact that this man was a virgin, she told me who better to go out on a date with than her friend who is a sex expert… after she said that, she grinned at me with her pleading eyes… it was as if she had something to lose if I said no… So I agreed with the condition that she answered every question I had about him…

I wanted her to tell me all about him… how old he was, what he did for a living, what he looked like and anything else she could think of… She shared everything she knew about him because she also knew that I would refuse to go out with him if she didn’t…

Apparently, he was a virgin because he was too busy for socializing… his work encompassed all of his time… He was a research scientist and when he had gone out on dates before, all he talks about is his work and most women find that boring because they want to talk about themselves… She knew that I enjoy intelligent conversation and that I do actually listen to what people are saying and I find things that I don’t know about very interesting because I enjoy learning… I am a student of life and men fascinate me… He was tall and had very little hair and had blue eyes… My friend knew I had a thing for blue eyed men and he really did like the same movies I did… when he wasn’t working that is what he did… I decided to do it, not for her but because I was intrigued.

The meeting was set up for Saturday night… I had three days to prepare. I do like meeting new people but blind dates are planned meetings with expectations and that can be stressful… Blind dates are difficult but sometimes if you can overcome the awkwardness of the whole situation they can be fun… So I decided to just let him decide what and where… That makes it easy because I am game for just about anything…

I decided that I wanted him to pick me up at my door instead of meeting him somewhere… It was eight o’clock when there was a quiet knock at the door. I really don’t like this part of a blind date… Meeting each other for the first time… normally I would have met him somewhere else… besides my home but I felt a little more comfortable in my own environment.

He had on a blue suit that was a bit short in the sleeves and a bright blue tie. He was wearing glasses that had a metal frame. His hair was short, sandy brown and nearly all but gone… He was holding a bouquet of all different colored daisies and he had a very silly grin on his face. He was kind of cute and sweet looking, I was thinking that this just might be fun tonight.
We went to a little diner on the edge of town… it was quiet and secluded. He told me that he came here often... Which left me wondering why did he come here often? It was so out of the way… It wasn’t too long before I found out, why.

We talked for a couple of hours as we sat in this cozy little place… As he talked, the story of his life unfolded. He had devoted his whole life to his research and he had just recently had a break through and he was essentially celebrating… At that moment I felt honored to be a part of his little celebration. After we had been there a while he leaned in and whispered over the table, that he could show me his work, if I would like to see.

We left the diner and drove off down the road further away from town, deeper into the woods… I started to get a little nervous, until the woods began to open up and we pulled up in front of a very large research facility that was hidden away tucked in a glen obscured by trees. He got out of the car and quickly went around the vehicle to open my door for me… He stood there smiling at me with his hand out… I took his hand and we walked up to the door. He unlocked the door, letting me in… He took my arm and we walked up two flights of stairs.

He opened his arms… Grinning like a proud parent… He shared things with me that he had never told anyone else… This whole situation had started to get quite heated… He told me that he had done research on the female anatomy and he thought he knew how to pleasure a woman and he had always wanted to try it but the opportunity had never presented itself… I curled my lip into a little smile and asked him if he would like to put his theory to the test… Right now, right here. We were after all in his lab… where better to conduct an experiment.

He stood there with his mouth open in awe of my suggestion… I hopped up onto an empty stainless steel lab table. I leaned over toward him and pulled him over between my legs… I pushed my body tight to his and whispered in to his ear, that I wasn’t wearing any panties. I then at that moment reached down and grabbed his hand and put it up under my skirt, on my inner thigh… Looking deep into his eyes I assured him that this was okay and I wanted him to touch me.

He pulled his hand away and grabbed me by my hips and pulled himself firmly between my thighs… I felt his hardness press against my abdomen as he was drawing me toward the edge of the table. I could feel his heart pounding and his shallow quick breaths… I touched his right ear with my lips and softly told him to breathe deeper and slowly or he was going to pass out… I looked at him and smiled and touched my lips to his… Slipping my tongue into his mouth, his tongue met mine and for a moment I could feel a hesitation and then we wrapped our arms around each other tightly. We held our embrace like we were frozen in time, locked together… only pulling apart long enough to grab and tug at our clothing, nearly tearing the cloth as we stripped each other.

He leaned my naked body back onto the cold steel table… This caused a chill to travel up my spine making my nipples rock hard. He caressed my skin with both of his hands softly… paying close attention to my firm nipples and then sliding down deliberately unhurried to the bottom of my pelvis. I looked up at his warm eyes and smiled as his fingers then slipped between my lips gliding up inside of me massaging the inner folds and meaty flesh of my vagina until he made contact with my G-spot causing my body to buck and my breasts to bounce and jiggle… He stared at me smiling as he lowered his face down between my thighs. His tongue felt warm and soft as he cupped it around my clitoris… I let out a howl and his fingers quickened; I gasped for air, as my body quivered and trembled, letting go of a huge duel orgasm… I splashed his table top with a ladle of my orgasmic juices…

He pulled my body into the puddle I made and pushed his very thick shaft into me stretching me open which caused me to cry out as another orgasm burst out of me. He held my thighs as he thrust into me over and over again. He leaned over me and grasped one of my jouncing nipples between his teeth and pulled and tugged on it making me cum again all over his cock. I let out a scream and he quickly pressed his lips to mine muffling my voice… My tongue groped for his as I wildly kissed him tightening my grip on him. He suddenly lurched forward squeezing my ass as he hurtled forward and released a gasp and a moan into my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsating inside me as he surrendered his orgasm… I pulled his hot, sweaty body tight against me with my legs… Before we pulled apart I smiled at him and giggled… and he replied with a “Wow” and a big grin.

Who would have thought that having sex in a laboratory on a stainless steel table would be so thrilling… I will definitely want to do this again… Going out on a date with a virgin scientist turned out to be one of the most fun things I have done in a long time… He’s no virgin anymore but the next time might just be better.

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