Not So Dull After All

by Jolene Jessie James

I was out on a date with a nice but otherwise kind of dull guy. The other night, when I happened to notice that one of the waiters at the restaurant was so sexy and incredibly hot. I daydreamed for a moment, wondering if he was as hot in bed as he looked.

Later, as I was on my way to the ladies’ room, I ran into him. He bumped into me, lightly brushing my large breasts with his arm. My nipples got instantly hard as he smiled at me. I just kept my composure. I went back to my table and spent the rest of dinner making eyes at him. I excused myself again from my date, to go to the restroom. The waiter came over to me and said that he’d been hoping that I would come back this direction. He licked his lips slowly and hungrily…

I held the restroom door open and said, “Well, come on in then. The door locks.”

We went in and he locked the door behind him. He reached up under my dress and yanked my panties off ripping them along both seams… He reached over and dropped them into the trash. He then pressed me up against the wall and pressed his mouth against mine, our tongues met. I could feel his soft fingers running up and down my wet, pussy lips! It was so thrilling! He fucked me right then and there. I stopped the action for a moment and said,

“Wait, I am on a date!” That only made him more excited. He pulled away and grabbed me by the back of my head. He pushed my face down to his cock. I could taste both his and my wetness as he thrust it down my throat. He shot his hot load deep into my mouth. He pulled away, grinning at me, while he zipped his pants up and slipped out the door.

I stood up and smoothed my dress down and fixed my hair, a little. I went back to the table. My poor, patient date who looked so forlorn was just sitting there waiting. He smiled shyly and leaned in over the table and whispered,

“I saw what you were doing in the ladies’ room.” I thought what my reaction could possibly be. I could try to lie, or maybe cover it up, or even accuse him of being a pervert stalker… All the ideas I was having were just going to end badly and that wasn’t going to be fun for either of us… So, I just stared at him blankly and took a couple of sips of wine and then decided that I should just play it out and let the chips fall where they may. I mean, I could still feel the excitement tingling between my legs. Who was, getting mean and nasty or lying about it, going to benefit, anyway?

“What do you want to do about it?” I decided on the direct approach. “I suppose you could just get up and leave and I will either find someone else to go home with or I will go home and masturbate, until, I cum and cum, over and over again, by myself… Or we can go back to your place and have some fun.” I smiled coyly at him.

“That sounds like a splendid idea.” He whispered and with that he called over for the check and we were off, together.

During the ride to his house I pulled his hand up under my dress to show him that I wasn’t wearing any panties… He was a little surprised by my gesture but he reached in further and pushed his fingers into my very wet, hot pussy… I smiled at him and parted my legs a bit more…

We pulled up his driveway and into his garage… I could see that he had a raging hard-on. I just wanted it inside me so I could cum all over it… We stepped out of his car. I had to walk around the front bumper to get to the door that led into his house… That is where he stopped me… He pulled the belt off my dress and my dress opened… He grabbed my soft, large breasts and squeezed them as my dress fell to the floor… I unbuckled and opened his pants revealing a very large, very hard cock that was twice as thick as the one I had earlier that evening. I grinned in anticipation. He pushed me back up against the front of his car, lifting me slightly. At the same moment he shifted my legs open, he throttled his massive member deep inside my wet awaiting pussy, stretching my lips open.

I leaned back across the hood of his car and he lifted my hips a little and then reached in and grabbed my nipples tugging hard and pinching… My body trembled as I let go of a much needed orgasm… My muscles tensed and twitched and squeezed him as his paced quickened… I could feel him pulse and quiver, he pulled his stiff shaft out of my pussy… Releasing his load, he splattered it all over my breasts and stomach… He sighed, smiling as he rubbed his sticky goo all over me…

He took my hand and invited me into his house for a drink… I smiled and accepted… As it turned out he wasn’t at all the dull guy I thought he was…

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