A Surprise Gang Bang

by Jolene Jessie James

I had a very interesting weekend. I went over to a friend’s house thinking we were going to watch a couple of movies and have a drink or two…. Boy was I mistaken! I got there and he said he was entertaining a few friends tonight and he wanted my help… I wasn’t sure exactly what he meant until he walked over and locked the door and pointed toward the dining room table. I looked over in the direction that he was pointing and there were ropes tied to all four of the legs of the table and the center leaf was removed.

I had asked him if he was joking… he shook his head smiling and said to me that he just had to prove to his friends that he had a female friend that would do anything he wanted; that she would do whatever he said without a single complaint… Because Mark didn’t believe him and soon everybody had heard a version of what he had told Mark… And NOBODY believed him. He leaned in, so close to my ear that I felt his lips touch my earlobe, and whispered so softly that it was barely audible, “Please don’t embarrass me.”

I suppose this idea came from the fact that he and I would play role-playing games sometimes, and he knew that a favorite of mine was one that we called “The Pet”… Which was all about obedience and discipline but he knew, in that game; there is never any “obedience” from me unless I am wearing my collar. That is the first rule of that game; that rule prevents any confusion about it being a game and not something to be toyed with in public situations where the game would otherwise be inappropriate to play… and I knew that my collar was home, at my house in my “toy-box”; so I turned and glared at him. He shouldn’t have told anyone; anything about the games we play. He told me to show his friends what a good girl I was and take off my clothes and go over to the table. I turned to see ALL of his male friends standing and sitting behind me. At a glance I counted eight of them not including him… I started to turn away from his friends, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. He grabbed my arm and told me to wait a second… That’s when, much to my chagrin, he pulled MY collar out of his pocket and buckled it around my neck. Both anger and a vexing dismay gripped me and a rush of heat, filled with shame and excitement washed over my face… At that moment a feeling like an electric current surged through my body. The heat, which flushed over my face a moment earlier, now cascaded down my breasts, hardening my nipples, continuing its descent, tightening my stomach. It reached lower still, until I felt my clitoris stiffen and my vagina contract and my asshole flexed rapidly as a tingling sensation claimed my groin. It felt like all the blood in my body plummeted to my feet… It seemed as if the room spun suddenly, almost causing me to feel faint… But I managed to stay upright. My body always seems to defy my mind when things get strange… Instead of my body moving to oppose undesired sexual advances; my body just stands there drooling from my vagina as my breasts turn crimson and my nipples become spiked…

I swear; I could feel my pheromones discharging from every gland in my body transmitting their signal, filling the area with my “scent”. Beckoning all the men in the room; as their pupils dilate and their cocks are awakened… They are akin to wolves sensing the sultry, feverish needs, equivalent to that of a “bitch in heat”… All I could hear at that moment was a loud buzzing sound and; “The Game” ignited in my head like a firestorm and I did the only thing that the rules of the game would allow… I started to remove my clothing and drop it piece by piece onto the floor; cautiously exposing my flushed, massive breasts with spike-like nipples and then I slid my shorts off, revealing the fact that I wasn’t wearing any panties; which immediately exposed my engorged, pink pussy lips that were completely smooth and bald, with no evidence of any pubic hair, at all… I stood there for a moment completely naked as I tried to cover up my enormous tits with one hand and arm, as I attempted to hide my pussy with my other hand. My humility showing on the surface of my now trembling body… They all moved forward and started touching all my exposed skin… pinching my nipples and rubbing my ass and touching my pussy lips and rubbing up between my legs… as they slowly edged me closer to the table.

He pulled me away from their hands and set me atop the table and told me turn around. and then pushed me face down onto the table… the leaf being removed was right where my tits were and that freed them up for them to do whatever they wanted to do to my whole body.

They tied my arms across the table and my ankles were secured to the table legs near the bottom and my knees halfway down so my feet couldn’t touch the floor. I was spread wide open, suspended on the table. My face was right on the edge of the other end, so my mouth was easily accessible… Then I felt hands all over my body again as I had a cock thrust into my mouth… As I sucked on it, I could feel fingers pinching and squeezing my stiff nipples while my copious globes hung in the gap between the leaves of the table and then I felt a mouth envelope each of my nipples at the same time, both began suckling and biting and chewing on my whole areola… At the same time I could feel their hands slapping and working over my tits… Then the cocks were shoved into my torrid, slippery pussy fucking me one by one. I was sucking cock and getting fucked for a couple of hours. After the night wore on; they all gradually left, leaving my raw gash dripping… I had puddles of their cum slowly drying all over my naked body… I had semen on my face, in my hair, on my tits, in my stomach, it was literally everywhere!

It was down to just him and me. He came around to the front of the table and looked at me and smiled. He squatted down so he could look at my face and then he told me that he was sorry he tricked me like that but because I was so easily duped. I deserved a good, hard ass whippin’. He stood up and unbuckled his belt and walk back around the table. I could hear him wind up the buckle end of the belt in his hand and then I felt the hot sting of the leather across my ass. After thirty-five good hard smacks with his belt, I felt his cool hands stroke my inflamed, streaked ass. His fingers caressed my wet, swollen slit, then I felt him push his creamy fingers into my tight ass and turn them and twist them working them into my asshole; stretching me open. I felt him pull his fingers away and put them back on my ass and pull my cheeks open and then he leaned in and slowly slid his hard throbbing cock into my tight ass. None of his friends chose that route of penetration. I believe it was because he wanted it saved for himself. He just slowly pushed his hardness in and out of me picking up his pace as my tight hole became more receptive, until he was just throttling my ass even pushing the table some but as the table moved the opening for the leaf got smaller and tighter on my boobs that were dangling in the space between the removed leaves. Suddenly he thrust forward and groaned as I could feel his hot cum fill my ass.

He zipped up and put his belt on and got something to drink… He then walked over to his sofa and sat down and turned on the TV… I lay there, suspended; bent over, eagle spread, tied to his table looking over at him. It was approximately a half hour that he just left me there dripping cum on the floor… He looked over at me and grinned. He asked if I wanted to join him… He didn’t wait for an answer, though, before he got up and walked back into the dining room and untied me. He took my hand and helped me up. He looked into my eyes and told me what a good girl I had been… And that he didn’t think his friends would doubt him ever again… I picked up my clothing and went into the bathroom, cleaned up and got dressed.

As I walked out of the bathroom he handed me a cold beverage and we sat on the sofa and we finally did watch a movie… I don’t mind parties where I am the party favor but I do like to be warned a little bit… but he has always been one for surprising me!

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