The Women Next Door

by Jolene Jessie James

I have lived in this house for about five years. About three years ago a married couple moved in across the street from me. I had noticed that they weren't together, about six months ago. He wasn't there anymore and The woman, who is a little older than me, in her 30's, had been flirting with me for some time, longer than six months ago. I enjoyed the attention and I was curious, As to what she really wanted...

We were both internet savvy, and one morning she said she wanted to show me something at her house. It was a lesbian porn site with pictures and stories. We looked at it for a few minutes, sipping our coffee in silence. Our breathing sped up and my heart raced, as she rubbed herself a little through her jeans and moaned, "That feels nice."

She then more or less ignored me, moving to the sofa and undoing her jeans, slipping her hand down inside and began masturbating slowly and quietly. I thought now or never, so I walked over and said, "Allow me?" and I helped her pull her jeans and panties off, as she lay length-wise on the sofa. She closed her eyes. I stroked her clitoris and vagina and she came in about half a minute, thrusting her hips forward, against my hand.

I was wet! I slid my panties off, and laid down on the floor, spreading my thighs as far apart as I could. My neighbor knelt above me in the sixty-nine position, dipping her head into my groin as she spread her knees to lower herself onto my face. She sucked and nibbled on my engorged lips and clit and rubbed her own orgasmic juices all over my face. When I started to climax she pushed her fingers into my pussy and I sucked on her swollen clitoris as we both let out muffled screams, my nipples got rock hard and we were trembling with the thrill of it....

I like to think about her sometimes when I masturbate. We only ever did it once but once is plenty for now. Until an opportunity comes along again, but next time I really would love to have an audience watching me make another woman cum, as I orgasm, over and over...

So hey.. you wanna cum play with a hot blooded Nympho-Morph? ;-)

DIAL 1-800-573-2995 Or (001)-602-283-3838

I'll be waiting...

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