Orgasm's 101

by Jolene Jessie James

I was sixteen years old and in tenth grade at the time. I remember that year, it was the most sexually enlightening year that I have experienced...So far. There was an eleventh grader who sat in front of me who played the flute... (no shit!). He was funny and kind and always full of ideas. I really liked him, even though he was reclusive, maybe even a little I thought. His shyness seemed to disappear when we were together, alone. We went out on a few dates, on and off during the year and then school let out in May. He lived in town and One of those wonderful summer evenings he came over to my houseand we ended up going off into the woods behind my house. We were walking down this trail when he suddenly stopped me and we started to make out. His hand made its way into my blouse and for about 10 minutes, we spent just kissing, sucking nibbling and even a little pinching. He slid his hand up my back unhooking my bra letting loose my big, luscious, milky white breasts. He began suckling and biting on my nipples...sending tingles down into my lower pelvic region, all the way down to my already swollen lips. I got so wet while he did he knew just how and where to touch me.

At this point my eyes were closed in pure bliss...I never even felt my skirt being lifted or my panties being pulled, he then literally, ripped them off and I tried to step back but he took ahold of my hips and gently sat me down on the dew covered grass. He knelt down in front of me, gently pushing my legs apart and I felt his warm mouth gently breathe on my pussy and he parted my lips with his tongue and slid it back and forth over my clit and pushed one of his fingers deep inside my steamy, wet pussy... Turning pure bliss into absolute, sheer ecstacy! I moaned as cum ran down my ass...That really excited him! He moved his tongue in circles around my clit faster and faster then he would jab the top of it with his tongue causing me to cry out in delight...he alternated between deep, strokes and light,teasing ones. I felt my muscles all get rigid and I thought I was going to I kind of tensed up...he looked up at my face for a moment, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight...he told me to just relax... and when I did ... I felt his tongue go crazy all over my pussy and clit and he thrust his finger back up inside me He made me howl, literally, at the moon...It was the first time a guy went down on me. He then shifted his body and slowly ran his tongue up the soft. smooth skin of my stomach...up to my nipples where he lingered for a few moments and then looked up at me...

He moved his mouth over mine, our tongues met. His lips were so perfectly matched to mine. He bumped my nose playfully, as his hand drifted from nipple to nipple back and forth. Sending my body deeper into an orgasmic state...And at the moment that I thought I couldn't take anymore...He thrusted his throbbing, stiff shaft hard and deep into me... I let out a gasp followed by an undistinguishable, eruption of sound, followed by a whimper and a muffled sigh as my tongue search for his, madly, as cum squirted out of my quivering, tight body! Let me tell you...I had been with several boys in the past...but nothing felt better than that night when he went down on me...And When I masturbate, I like to think about that warm, wet tongue on my hot, throbbing clit.

So hey.. you wanna cum play with a hot blooded Nympho-Morph? ;-)

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I'll be waiting...

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