by Jolene Jessie James

I worked an early shift, that day I decided to do laundry. I'll not forget it anytime happened like this..... The laundromat was empty when I got there. I was filling a washer when a man walked in with one basket in his arms. He set it down and tried to get a laundry soap out of the vending machine...New guy, I thought to myself...knowing that machine had been broken for months. I smiled as I walked over to him. I looked at his face, being drawn to his fabulous sparkling, blue eyes. I handed him a cup of laundry soap, as I told him that the machine had been broken for quite awhile.

I could feel him looking at me, while I finished filling my last washer...without looking up, I grasped my thog from under my tight skirt and pulled it down my legs slowly and stepped out of them and tossed them into the washer, then, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra and slipped it off too, then I glanced over at him, to see him staring at my little show.

I smiled at him, as I closed the lid on the washer I then hiked myself up onto it and opened my book and proceded to read... at least try to look like I was reading. I could feel him edging down the row of washers... as he slowly stepped in front of me, I acted like I didn't notice him.

He put his hand up my skirt. It was quite a sudden movement, making me jump. He managed to gain control of the situation when he grabbed my hips and lifted me right off the washer and onto the table behind him, at the same time pushing my skirt up and me down and spread my legs apart with his face. I moaned as I let him take me. His tongue slid down my clit spreading my lips apart with ferverous motion. I gasped, as he pushed a finger up inside me, while ripping the buttons loose on my blouse with the other hand, he freed my breasts. Grabbing them one at a time and then almost torturing me, by pinching and tugging on my hard nipples, then, I could feel as he undid his belt and slid his pants down. He pulled my ass forward and and pushed his stiff, throbbing shaft swift and deep inside me. I cried out, as I let go of an orgasm and pulled him into me with my legs.

He grabbed my tits and started sucking on my nipples... biting one as my body convulsed into a group of unstoppable orgasms and I felt his body quiver as he throttled my soaking, wet pussy with his throbbing meat! He started to moan, as he lifted me off the table. He clutched my face as pushed his tongue into my mouth, his whole body shook into a state of pure ecstasy and I came all over his cock. I knelt down in front of him and started licking the head. He moaned quietly as I took the rest of it into my mouth and softly sucked all of our mixed juices off his cock and balls. I stood up smiled sweetly at him and walked over and took my wash out and put it in the drier and we grinned at each other, when someone came in, knowing what we had just been up to and it was our secret. I run into him when I do laundry, now and then but nothing can compare to the first time we met.

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