A Pleasurable Walk

by Jolene Jessie James

I love to go on late evening walks, especially, when I am sexually prepared; they are even better. I need to share this with someone who will appreciate it.... and my readers should enjoy it! That's you....

Do you really know why women you see walking are smiling? or Could you only guess? Well, on a recent walk of mine, I had a bit more preparation than tying my shoes. I got out my little toy box and selected a few special items for my walk, that evening. I then began changing my clothes for my walk. As I stood naked in my bedroom looking at my toys deciding where to start. I picked up my ben-wau balls first, laying down on the bed, I spread my bare legs apart exposing and parting my lips. Parting them more, I slid the first the ball up inside, pushing it all the way with my index finger. As my thumb touched the top of my clit, my whole body reacted as the hood pulled back. I lingered there for a few moments but not too long just enough to make me a little damp. The second ball clinked the other as they met inside me.

I then rolled over and grabbed my butt plug, dipping two of my fingers some lotion I rubbed it on the tip of the butt plug. I wasn't going to orgasm until I, at least left the house, but the ben-wau balls shifted when I worked the butt plug in. I pushed it all the way in as I screamed into my pillow with a full blown orgasm. Sitting up slowly I slipped into a smooth, shiny bodysuit. Before I stood up I gently closed the nipple clamps one and then the other. Begging my body inside my head not to cum again, I did pretty good until I pulled up the rest of my bodysuit up my body and over my breasts. It stunned me but I refused to orgasm until I was on my walk. I slipped a pair of shorts on, socks, shoes and grabbing my mp3 player, I was out the door...finally!

I began down the sidewalk feeling things shift and a rythm started with my steps and the music. I realized how hard it is to cum while walking and how exciting it can be. I stopped at a park, when I saw the swings. I thought I'd just sit down but as I sat the music had a rhythm in my head and my body had other plans. My legs pumped and I was soon giding through the air. My body gave way and I squirted, cum rolling down my legs as I slowed down unaware of anything around me.. The swing slowly stopped and I sat there with cum trickling over the edge of the seat between my legs. As I stood up, I reached down into my top and unclamped my nipples which hardened instantly.

They stayed hard the rest of my walk as I orgasmed over and over until I got into my house and I pushed my hand onto my clit and came a triple as I slid down my front door. Unable to speak or stand I laid there moaning in escatsy. Going for a walk has taken on a new meaning for this nympho. So next time you see a woman walking, think of me and smile back!

So hey.. you wanna cum play with a hot blooded Nympho-Morph? ;-)

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