Stranger Desire

by Jolene Jessie James

It was a quiet, spring afternoon as I swept the front porch of my Bed and Breakfast. The off season was almost over. This was the time I used to get everything ready before the heat was upon us and the whole cove got busy. I was running about three weeks ahead of schedule because of the unusual warm weather. I was thinking to myself that this was going to prove to be a good season, if the weather conditions remained this pleasant.

I was completely prepared to greet all the tourists this year. I had all my books in order and all six of my rooms were ready. Everything was tidy and in shape for guests. There was only one thing left to do and that was, to get the last of my opening supplies, mainly food. I always enjoyed this part of owning this little inn. I have done so for five seasons now. I always felt this pride inside when I looked around at my antique furniture, hardwood floors and my flagstone fireplace, all polished and sparkling, ready and waiting for the new adventure about to embark on us.

In the past five years, it has never been too busy for me to run this place all by myself. Nearly by myself I should give my handyman some credit. He does cut the wood for the fireplace and fixes things when they malfunction and tends to the grounds. The rest is all me, though. I enjoy every minute of it. I planned to get my supplies later in the week but I finished everything today so I thought I would just take care of it this afternoon.

The drive to town was always so peaceful I sometimes was disappointed when I rounded the last bend afore the city limits. City was an overstatement if I ever heard one. I think that is why I loved it here so much. During the busy season it really became a city but in the off peak seasons it was a quiet little uneventful town. Everybody I know are always pleasant, I would find it hard to dislike anyone. I suppose when you deal with people who exist to keep tourists happy, most of them truly appreciate the locals who are a constant in the community.

When I moved here five years ago I wasnít sure how I would take to living in such a small town. Most of my life I spent entwined in the fast paced rat race. I had wondered if I would fit in. I knew after I spent my first winter here that I was accepted as a welcomed business woman in this quiet little cove town.

It was getting quite close to dark as I drove back home down the winding scenic road. There was a car broken down alongside the road about a half a mile from my inn. I drove slowly past looking for the person who no longer was in the vehicle. I spotted a tall slender man carrying a bag and a cell phone high into the air. I giggled to myself, knowing that he could climb to the top of the tallest tree on this seven mile stretch of curvy winding highway and never see a signal on his cell phone. This is most assuredly one of the last true dead zones, as far as cell phones are concerned. I pulled up beside him and told him about a little B and B up the road about a half a mile. He looked over at me and the painful, angry grimace left his face when he saw me grinning like a Cheshire cat out my window at him. Being the tourist friendly owner of that particular B and B, I offered him a ride. That adventure that I was embarking on began now. Though at that moment I had no idea what kind of adventure I was about to have. I only know that it was going to be eventful.

He got into my truck and started fumbling with his cell phone again. I looked over at him and grinned as I told him that he was right in the middle of a true dead zone. There wasnít any signal until you drive up over the ridge. A new defeated look came over his face. I just thought to myself, poor fellow. I turned into the dark drive. The inn loomed up into the evening sky. Without any of the lights on, my place looked ominous and creepy.

I stepped out into the cool night air. I had four sacks in the back of my truck I grabbed two of them and headed toward the porch. The gentleman I gave a ride to stood in the dark like he didnít know what he wanted to do. I walked up my steps and unlocked the door. I reached around the corner and flipped on the light switches, illuminating the whole front yard and driveway. I looked back out at him standing in the yard. He looked relieved, I smiled at him. I waved him in. He walked up the stairs slowly. I picked up my bags and went inside, the screen door closing behind me.

I walked all the way back to the kitchen, setting the bags down, as I turned around to go get the rest, I nearly bumped into the stranger I picked up. His outstretched arms dangled the two grocery sacks in front of me. He grinned at me and told me that he wanted to thank me for the lift. He also wanted to know if he could use my telephoned to call roadside assistance. I took the bags from him and said it was out on the check-in desk and I would be right out there. I put everything away and then hurried out to see if he was going to stay the night or if they were going to come help him immediately. He was hanging up the phone when I stepped up to the desk.

He told me that it looked as though he would need a room for the night. I had hoped he would. It has been a long, slow, lonely winter. I checked him in and as he left to go to his room, I proceeded to make a fire. I sat back on my sofa in front of the fireplace to watch the flames grow and consume the wood. I felt the end of the sofa move as he sat down. I looked over at him, his eyes gazing at me with a half smile on his face. He wanted to know what there was to do around here. He reached over and touched my cheek.

He was so handsome. I really didnít mind him getting close to me because it has been too long since I had a man between my legs. This would give full service Bed and Breakfast a whole new meaning. He slipped his hand up under my sweater and unhooked my bra. He then reached his other hand up the front and grabbed my left breasted and pushed my sweater up over my head. He put his mouth on that nipple and began to suck and bite it. He looked up at me, I believe, to see if I was going to object. I leaned my head back inviting him in.

Suddenly, his hands were all over me passionately groping me, pulling the rest of my clothes off as he bore his weight down on me. He pinned me down on my sofa, pushing my legs apart with his knees. He was trying to penetrate me while I yanked his shirt off madly. It was hard to get into a good position on the sofa, so we edged off to the floor together. I could hear the fire crackle next to me as I ran my hands over his smooth, slim, lean body. He pushed my legs apart and slid down my body because penetration with his cock was not what he was after. He slid his mouth down my naked belly to the soft lips of my pussy and began to gently kiss me. He worked my lips apart with his, pushing his tongue between them onto my hard, swollen clit. I moaned and arched my back as he worked his tongue down into my wetness. He pushed his tongue up inside of me and I felt my body tense up and then release. My juice ran out of me like a gushing river.

I could feel his weight shift as he ascended up my body kissing me all the way. His wet lips met mine as he penetrated my hot pussy with his hard cock, pushing it deep up inside me. I cried out in ecstasy but he muffled my rapture as he pushed his tongue searchingly into my mouth. I wrapped my legs around him while he throttled me with that thick, swollen shaft of his. He pinned me down to the floor as he buried himself inside me. I felt his hot load fill my pussy. I relaxed. Laying there catching my breath as his damp, shiny, body heaved over mine, breathing deep into my neck.

He slowly rose off of me, collected his clothes and left to go to his room. I stayed there in front of the fireplace for a while, naked on the rug. Deep in thought about how euphoric I felt right at that moment and how I wanted this feeling to never end. I knew it would but why spoil it filling my head with other thoughts. This was going to be a wonderful season. I just knew it.

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