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Jolene's Naughty Phonesex Bedroom

Image of Jolene James independent solo girl phonesex operator

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Independent Operator Phonesex SPECIAL

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image of jolenes breasts and her naughty nipples
Hey there! I am Jolene...I am me nothing more, nothingless! I am a real person! If you wanna hear real stories... from a real, "nymphomaniac"... I am your girl... I will seduce and torture your hard cock with my sexy voice... I will blow your mind... as we both blow our hot creamy moist loads! I'm the hottest girl your ever gonna cum across... some of the kinky things that I say and do with you on the phone... would make even the devil blush!!!

I have long auburn hair... big, dark, brown, bedroom eyes... and perfect shaped lips for sucking cock!!! I am 5'5"... and seems how you must know... my measurements are 38DD,28,38... and 145 pounds of a body that was built to satisfy any mans NEEDS!!!Image of Jolene sucking on a nipple Spanking... makes me drip with hot, sweet cum like a raging torrent of pussy juice... Spanking take's me to the point of ecstasy... and then you can take my trembling pussy lip's... and throttle your hard throbbing cock deep up into my tight, juicy, hot, pink cunt... or maybe push your hard throbbing member...up my extra, tight ass for some real kinky anal play...

I could be your phonesex fantasy as your hot, sexy, French maid or kinky Nanny tucking you into bed with a nice slow blow job or perhaps a sexy, hot horny neighbour cumming round for some sugar.. Or that hot sexy secretary wearing silky black stocking and an ever so short skirt, image of jolene james licking her bare nipple whom you have always wanted to bend over your desk and just fuck her deeply make her moan with pleasure... or perhaps I could be your wife or lover... forced into having kinky sex with many other men... or a nasty cop out for some very kinky handcuff play... a little bondage perhap's? What ever your kinky desire is, my desires can and will morph into yours!

For me phonesex is one of the ultimate turn ons. It enables me to indulge in my favourite pass time... masturbation. I can lie back and relax on my bed, slowly run my fingers down the length of my soft warm nude body as I part my legs... I gently massage my lips and then probe inside with my finger tips and start to caress my sweet little clitoris. Being on the phone hightens this erotic self-pleasure as you get to share your erotic thoughts and hear another persons response to them. On the phone.. you can be anywhere.. with anyone.. doing anything.. an for me.. the more taboo the better. So.. for the ultimate, hot erotic phonesex fantasy experience. Call Me!! Jolene.. my aim isn't to be the biggest just to be the best at what i do! As I do put the pink into kink for I do love to cum with every caller but only if you want me too!

What you will get when you call this independent phonesex service is the best phonesex experience you can find on the internet today. I offer the most personal of intimate services for the discerning gentleman at a great rate. My clients choose me over all the other many and varied options available for phonesex online because of the quality of service that I provide as a solo girl and truly independent operator, who is not affiliated with another company in any way, shape or form. It is my business. It is my passion. It is my life. So when you are tired of the rest and simply want the best come check out the wettest little phonesex service on the net! Total sexual satisfaction guaranteed!

For Raw Uncensored Live Conversations Dial: 1-800-573-2995

Or - (001)-602-283-3838

All Credit Cards Billed discretely as ANR Enterprises

Only $1.00/minute USD


Call so we can cum together!

As it is only ever me that answers the phone!

And I always seem to have a aroused and swollen clitoris!

Which needs to be teased and pleased!

Image of Jolene James solo girl phonesex operator

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